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How To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree


A Christmas tree is a beautiful thing that could put everyone in a holiday mood. Decorating the tree and putting it inside the living room is a ritual that marks the beginning of Christmas and brings the entire family together. Visiting a Christmas tree manufacturer to select the perfect tree is a childhood memory that many people cherish.

When it comes to businesses, having a natural evergreen, decorated tree out front or inside the office can make customers and workers happy by reminding them of their childhood memories. However, when children and parents start to get older, going into the chilly and cold weather seems less fun. Needles that you dealt with as a kid seemed worth in childhood. However, as you age, it becomes a hassle to clean all the mess.

Artificial trees are the perfect alternative to real Christmas trees. That’s because it eliminates the need to care and water for a real tree. You also don’t have to handle the falling needles on your hands and carpets, and you won’t have to keep a pine sap. You’ll find an enormous range of these trees at an artificial Christmas tree supplier.

If you’re searching online and cannot inspect the tree in person, judging its quality can get challenging. When you buy a tree from a Christmas tree manufacturer, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You must choose the correct tree because you’re going to spend money on it and it’s going to set the mood for your holiday. While selecting an artificial Christmas tree;, you have to consider your needs and your space.

Additional reasons why should consider buying an artificial Christmas tree:

  • Save money:

Real trees are not reusable, and they’re expensive. You might have to invest somewhere between $50 to $200 every year in the holiday season. Artificial Christmas trees only need to be bought once, and they can last for more than 10 years.

  • Save time:

When you buy a real tree, several aspects add effort and time to set it up. Since there are fewer options to choose from, you’ll have to select a tree carefully. Thus, real trees take more time to pack, transport and set up. Cleaning it up and removing it consumes a lot of time. After the holiday season ends, you wouldn’t have to clean up an artificial tree. Real pine trees tend to shed a lot. When it would be time to dispose of the tree, the needles will be all over your house.

  • No fire hazards:

If you do not water a real tree sufficiently, it can pose a risk of catching fire. That’s a common reason why people prefer artificial Christmas trees while growing over real Christmas trees.

  • Long-lasting:

Most people extend their enjoyment during the holiday season. Artificial Christmas tree manufacturers put all their effort and time into decorating trees. It is wise to get a product that last longer than only a few weeks. Jump on the bandwagon of buying an artificial Christmas tree so that you can enjoy it for more than a month.

  • It protects protects people with allergies:

Real Christmas trees come with pine oil and mold. Both things can cause allergic reactions. However, artificial Christmas trees do not carry any allergens. You can also check with your Christmas tree manufacturer to ensure that there aren’t any toxic materials in the tree.

Now that you know all the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree, you must have gotten inclined towards buying it this holiday season. Let’s help you select the perfect Christmas tree.

Below are some factors that you need to check before choosing an artificial Christmas tree:

1. The correct size:

When you visit your artificial Christmas tree supplier, you’ll see trees of all sizes, from big ones to small plastic ones which make you confuse so it is wise to choose the right size. While selecting a tree, you need to consider the amount of space you have. Begin by measuring your living room’s capacity before you opt for the perfect tree this Christmas. You need to check the height of your ceiling. If you plan to place your Christmas tree in a room with high ceilings, you can buy a tall tree. There are some standard heights of artificial trees. Your Christmas tree manufacturer can guide you more about determining the ideal tree height.

  • 6-6.5 feet artificial Christmas trees:

If you’re too tired to get out a tape measure, but you’re still unsure about the preferred size, it would be safe to get a standard size 6 feet Christmas tree. It is one of the most popular sizes that people buy. This height is versatile enough for any irregular or small rooms.

  • 7-7.5 feet artificial Christmas trees:

After the 6 feet size range, this one is the second most popular height people prefer to buy. That’s because this height ensures that the tree is big enough, but it’s not so large that it overwhelms an average room. The standard size of the ceiling is also 8-9 feet tall. Thus, if you purchase a tree of this height, some space would still get left out for a tree topper.

  • 9-9.5 feet artificial Christmas trees:

If you have a large room having a vaulted ceiling, you can consider buying a 9 feet tree from your artificial Christmas tree supplier. Ensure that you allow about 6 inches of space between the roof and the treetop.

Another vital thing you need to consider is the setup. The bigger the tree, the harder it will be to move it, store it, and manage it. Moreover, it would also consume more time while decorating and setting up. The width is as crucial as the height. Keep in mind that you have ample space to move the artificial tree to its final position without any hassle.

2. The correct Shape:

Choosing the correct Shape is another important factor specially if you have a small apartment. Usually, most artificial trees tend to mimic real evergreen trees when it comes to appearance and profile. Artificial trees are alluring, but the way you want the tree to match the decorations in your office or house, you would pair its appearance to your decorating scheme.

That’s a plus point that artificial trees have over a real tree. While you could choose between the options in a real tree, there will be a time when you would have to settle with something that might not be as perfect as you wanted it to be. When you buy an artificial tree, many choices will match with all of your decorating ideas. Some trees could be fluffy and big. However, others are straight and thin.

  • Full trees:

They have the classic look of a Christmas tree. It resembles the natural evergreen trees, and that’s what makes full trees popular. Such trees are dense, and they have a gradual slope.

  • Narrow trees:

This one is more slender, and it’s apt for apartments and small rooms.

  • Slim:

Slim trees are compact ones.Christmas tree manufacturers design this type of trees for corners and tight spaces. Such trees usually have a sharper profile.

  • Flatback:

Flatback trees save space so if you have compact space, this type of tree is perfect for you. Flatback trees have a complete profile, but they rest in a corner or against a wall.

  • Sparse:

These are life-like trees that have spaces in between the branches. In those spaces, you can showcase your ornaments.

3. Decoration and lights:

Some people do not have time or energy to decorate the artificial Christmas tree. That’s understandable because it can consume a lot of time, and it’s a lot of work. It’s alright if you prefer pre-decorated trees with ornaments and lights.

You only need to keep in mind that pre-decorated trees do not provide too many options for customization. Usually, pre-lit trees are flexible because the white lights can go with any decor. That all depends upon you because you need to decide how much effort you want to put into this factor.

If you need to hang ornaments that mean something special to you and your family, you can choose a plain artificial tree. Otherwise, pre-decorated ones are ideal for you. Many of the artificial trees come with attached and arranged lights.

You could look for trees that have a different number of lights and district arrangements. Those will get fixed, and you won’t be able to remove them. Thus, you need to be sure if you are happy with the arrangement made already.

Artificial trees also come in different pre-decorated ways. They can get accepted. That means the tree will come with berries and fake pine cones that the Christmas tree manufacturer has attached already.

Such additions can become chic decorations, and they also come fixed and cannot get removed. Flocked artificial trees get painted so that they appear as if frost or snow is covering them. This type of decoration only looks pretty if the quality is good.


Artificial Christmas trees are becoming popular day by day. That’s because they are easier to handle and they last very long. Artificial trees can be ecologically responsible, but that depends all on you. If you’ve decided that you want an artificial Christmas tree this year but are not sure how to choose the perfect one, follow our guide. With research, you can get your hands on a tree that is perfect for you, and it will stay with you in the coming years.

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