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What Do The Decorations On The Christmas Tree Mean?

When Christmas arrives, Western countries, whether they are on the street or at home, often see the green and upright Christmas tree. It is said that the earliest Christmas tree originated in Germany. In the 16th century, the German Reformer Martin Luther, in order to obtain a starry Christmas night, a Christmas tree with candles and balls was designed at home. The tradition of the Christmas tree continues to this day. Here’s what you mean by the decorations on the Christmas tree.

The overwhelming red color at Christmas is not a random color, but a color that symbolizes the blood of Jesus crucified on the cross. The must-have Christmas tree, its prototype is holly. Due to the triangular shape of the tree, the holly tree was first used by 16th-century believers as a symbol of the Trinity. And because it doesn’t die in winter, it symbolizes long-lasting life.

The thorny leaves of European Holly symbolize the “crown of thorns” on the head of Jesus during the crucifixion. Therefore, European Holly is also known as the “Crown of Christ”. The star on the top of the Christmas tree is called the “Star of Bethlehem”. It is the most characteristic sign in the decoration of the Christmas tree. It symbolizes the supernova that appeared in the sky of Jesus. Glory, the eternal hope of mankind. Putting gifts under the Christmas tree comes from the legend that the three doctors gave gifts to baby Jesus, symbolizing that people should give Christ the most precious things in life.

The common bell on the Christmas tree is the prototype of the bell in the shepherd’s hand. The shepherd shakes it to allow the lost sheep to find the sound and return to the shepherd. The joy of the birth (the coming of the Redeemer) means the gospel, and it also means the drive out of demons.

Silver / white ribbons on the Christmas tree signify the holiness of Jesus Christ, and gold ribbons signify glory. The prototype of the Christmas ball is an apple, which symbolizes the abundance of the paradise on earth. As the fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden, the apple not only symbolizes the fruit that brings joy that yields fruitful results or happiness, but also the tree of life that brings eternal life in the Garden of Eden, and sometimes symbolizes eternity.

The prototype of the cane is the shepherd’s cane in the wilderness. The shepherd used it to pull the lamb back into the trap. The inverted crutch is similar to the initial letter J of Jesus, and therefore also implies Jesus. The candle is a symbol of Christmas Eve starlight and represents the world’s thanks to the star of Bethlehem.

The bow symbolizes that human beings should be closely linked by the eternal love of God. The round Christmas wreath, which has no beginning and no end, symbolizes the beginning and end of God’s love for the world.

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